What the What!?!?



            I had to cancel an appointment I had scheduled for today (Thursday, January 2). I knew I had to cancel the appointment yesterday, so I called the office. Well, it was New Year’s Day, so they were closed. I still can’t wrap my head around why the first day of the new year is a holiday. Why not the first day of summer or the first day of August or how about if everybody gets their birthday off?

            When I called, I got the office voicemail, since they opted to take the day off. I didn’t leave a message because quite frankly, I don’t trust office voicemails. It’s been my experience that one should never leave a voicemail at an office if you want to get a return call—at least not a quick return call. If I have time, I just hit redial until somebody answers.

            So I called today, the day of the appointment, at 8:30 am when the office opened. My appointment was for 2:00 pm.

            “Hi, this is Rick. I can’t make today’s appointment and need need to reschedule. Have anything tomorrow?”

            “No, we’re all booked tomorrow,” she said.

            “OK, how about Monday?” I asked.

            “I can set you up Monday, but there will be a $20.00 cancellation fee. We need twenty-four hours notice or we need to reschedule in the same week to avoid that.”

            “Right. Well, that seems a bit arbitrary, but I called yesterday and you weren’t open.”

            “We have voicemail.”

            “I know, but you just opened. If I had left a voicemail, you wouldn’t have gotten it until today anyway, not twenty four hours ago, right?”

             “That’s our policy. You should have left a message.”

            “That makes absolutely no sense at all. Why not require cancellation by telegram but only during days when they don’t have Big Bang Theory repeats.”

            “We can fit you in Friday at 4:00, otherwise, we’ll charge you $20.00.”

             “Fine, Friday at 4:00, but if I cancel this afternoon, can I avoid the $20.00 fee?  By my math, that will be twenty-four hours notice.”

             I see what you’re trying to do, but I’ve highlighted your appointment. See you tomorrow at 4:00.”

            Crap. Two days into the new year and I’m already on the naughty list.










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